PIACG is your first steps after receiving an employee complaint, best-practices for getting accurate information about the allegation
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PIACG provides confidential and secure advisory services to its clients. Its just a phone call away
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Report wrong-doing, confidentially and securely

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Internal Investigations 
Ethics Management
Hot line Management
Internal Auditing
Oversight Governance
Oversight Executive Search
PIACG - international was established in 2010 to provide oversight consulting services at local, regional and international level to corporate and public sectors. 

PIACG provides an exclusive pool of expertise in public sector, private sector and non-government organizations including the United Nations system, international financial and healthcare institutions.   We are in the business of advising on governance, accountability, transparency, risk management, training, auditing, investigation and promoting ethics in large, medium and small sized businesses. 

PIACG is a proud partner with acl GRC & acl analytics software, implementation and training.

PIACG is also a proud partner with POWER RESOURCES CORPORATION (PRC) as an authorized distributor for the CIA Arabic and English study, teaching and exam materials. and the CMA study, teaching and exam materials.

The Vision
To be your trusted partner on all your needs in relation to oversight services 

The Mission
To provide its partners with consistent reliable and strategic oversight professional advice and support

PIACG strives to provide its clients the necessary tools to equip them with setting up of credible oversight governance structures
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PIACG is prepared for the outsourcing internal audits
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Oversight Training
PIACG strives to provide its clients the necessary tools to equip them with setting up of credible oversight governance structures
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At PIACG we take a proactive approach to oversight training..
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Specialized in Consulting and Training on Oversight Activities
for Consulting on Governance 

  • Customer Centric: PIACG delivers projects in a manner that has your best interests in mind.
  • Value: PIACG provides the experience and expertise you expect at affordable rates.
  • Quality: PIACG only hires the best people to deploy appropriate oversight and utilize proven, pragmatic methodologies to ensure consistent results.
  • Integrity: PIACG provides objective, unbiased advice with our clients’ best interests in mind. We not only help our clients with corporate governance, we instill an objective attitude in all aspects of our work.
  • Collaborative: PIACG works with clients to tailor each project to their specific needs.
  • Responsive: PIACG can readily adhere to your timetable, unlike larger firms that are burdened by internal risk management practices.
  • Thought Leaders: PIACG delivers what you expect from expert consultants: proactive, tried and true guidance.
  • Solution Focused: PIACG’s role doesn’t have to end with making recommendations. Our teams have the technical expertise to help our clients implement more effective internal controls.
  • Balanced Perspective: PIACG recognizes that “best practices” are not always appropriate. We provide cost-effective solutions that optimally balance risk and control.

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